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4 questions to help you choose your Career Path4 min read

April 30, 2021 3 min read
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4 questions to help you choose your Career Path4 min read

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Choos­ing a career can be over­whelm­ing espe­cial­ly when you get a lot of advice from every­where, which leads to one of the major things slip­ping away, intro­spec­tion. So, how to go about decid­ing a career path for you?

In this arti­cle, I want to dis­cuss things that a per­son should intro­spect and use to ensure that the career path cho­sen by them is the one that leads to con­tent­ment and makes them feel useful.

To select a great career path for your­self, one has to ask those hard-hit­ting cliched ques­tions and find out the answers as well. Here are the ques­tions which you should be ask­ing your­self before ded­i­cat­ing your life (or at least 90,000 hours of your life) to a career path.


1. What are my passions?

The first thing to know while decid­ing a career path is to let your pas­sion decide the career path and not the oth­er way round. As cliche as it may seem, you have to like what you do. An adult spends 11 years of their life con­fined in an office and it is self-ser­vice to ensure that the time spent in the office makes you glad.

Find out what you’re good at and how hap­py that activ­i­ty makes you feel. If you know this, you have solved one of the major ques­tions you ask your­self while choos­ing your career path

It is nev­er too late for expe­ri­enced peo­ple as well. Here are 4 ways to take own­er­ship of your career growth and not con­fuse it with a job.


2. What does ‘wealth’ mean to me?

As vague as the term ‘wealth’ might be, it is a very impor­tant thing to con­sid­er while choos­ing a career path. You have to decide whether the pas­sion you are going for is lucra­tive and will pro­vide the returns that you deserve.

To fig­ure this out, you can sim­ply check what the peo­ple are already get­ting paid in the sec­tor. You can also check for big com­pa­nies which pro­vide ser­vices relat­ed to your pas­sion and see how peo­ple are get­ting com­pen­sat­ed for their work in those companies.



By the time you have asked your­self the 2 ques­tions stat­ed above, there would be an image appear­ing for what you want and how much mon­ey you want for it. Now, it’s time to make a list of jobs that will help you with paving the career path you have decid­ed for your­self. That list will act as an out­line of the above image as it will increase the focus on where you want to go in life and how you want to reach there.


3. What is the future of this career path?

Cer­tain career choic­es start with a lot of chal­lenges but over­com­ing those chal­lenges lead to great suc­cess. And on the oth­er hand, some careers mirage as smooth sail­ing but leads to stag­nant waters. The key is to find where your pas­sions lie.

To answer this ques­tion, a great deal of research is required. Peek at your future with:

  • Inter­net Research- With the help of the inter­net, you can eas­i­ly research where your career path is, in terms of tech­nol­o­gy and rel­e­vance. You can also check how the com­pa­nies in the indus­try per­form and what all they’re doing to adapt to change.
  • Infor­ma­tion­al Inter­views- Through web­sites like glass­door and Ambi­tion­Box, you can eas­i­ly research what peo­ple in the indus­try are say­ing about the job and how much they get com­pen­sat­ed for the work they do.

One has to fig­ure out where their pas­sion will lead them and whether there is even some­thing to lead on to. 

Career Path | Receptix
Source: Dice Insights

4. Will my career path fulfil my goal/s?

I under­stand that jour­ney is more impor­tant than the des­ti­na­tion. But to know the des­ti­na­tion is bliss on its own. Your career path is only as good as where it is tak­ing you.

This is a long term ques­tion that every per­son has to con­stant­ly intro­spect about. Putting togeth­er a career action plan will help you deter­mine where your career path is head­ed and does it include the goals that you made for yourself.



As sim­ple and cliched these steps may sound, the main part of it all is intro­spec­tion. You have to realise that to make a career choice, you have to be hold­ing the steer­ing wheel. Know­ing your pas­sion and a detailed analy­sis of what that pas­sion will amount to (both in mon­e­tary terms and emo­tion­al terms) will help you to go leaps and bounds ahead of oth­ers. Just remem­ber, be deci­sive and pas­sion­ate about what you are doing and noth­ing will stop you. EVER.

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