Frequently Asked Questions

Receptix is a Programmatic Job Advertising Platform that offers millions of remote job vacancies across the world.

Receptix empowers employment across the globe & bridges the gap between job seekers & employers.

Programmatic Job advertising is the use of technology to buy, place & optimize ads. The technology uses browsing data of the job seekers & sophisticated algorithms to continually optimize job ads & place them in front of the ideal job seekers at the right places at the right time, thus finding qualified matches promptly & cost-effectively, while also providing real-time insights at each stage of the job seeker’s journey from click to hire.

Yes, you can find all kinds of jobs on Receptix, both part-time and full-time.

No, Receptix has both part-time and full-time jobs.

Yes, Receptix is absolutely free for job seekers and does not charge anything for its job services.

No, there is no limit to the number of jobs you can apply for on Receptix.

If you do not hear back from the recruiter, you can follow up after 7 - 10 days.

Here are some important interview questions that you must practice. These include -

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  3. Why should we hire you?
  4. Tell me your strengths & weaknesses?
  5. Do you have any questions for us?

No, you should not add references to your resume. Provide reference details upon request. Also, your references should be your supervisors, not your peers.

  1. Be on time.
  2. Dress formally.
  3. Maintain a good posture.
  4. Practice mock interview.
  5. Answer to the point.
  6. Research about the company.
  7. Know about the job role you are applying for.

Your resume should be two pages long.

Write just a line or two about the jobs you did in the early years of your career.

This actually depends upon how many jobs you have held since you have only two pages. It may go back to 15 years. This does not matter much because the hiring managers who would like your resume will visit your LinkedIn profile to learn more about you.

Just fill out the form on our Contact Us Page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.